Prayer is Part of Our Routine

After spending 45 out of 48 days at Primary Children’s Hospital, Ashtyn and I know the routine.  Attending, fellow, and resident doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, child life specialists, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, house keepers, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, techs, volunteers, psychologists, integrated medicine specialists, and parents of other patients are becoming familiar and conversations are developing with our new friends.  A parent of another patient went to Walmart and picked me up some Propel.  Our morning nurse woke us up with hot chocolate.  The night nurse brought us Bill Cosby comedy CD’s to listen to.  Other nurses that aren’t assigned to care for Ashtyn come in to say hi and ask if she needs anything.  These acts bring joy to my heart as everyone is taking such good care of Ashtyn.

Monday morning Ashtyn was wheeled downstairs to get the chemo drug Methotrexate injected into her cerebrospinal fluid through a lumbar puncture.  As far as Ashtyn was concerned, it was the same experience as the two bone marrow aspirates she has had.  We walked through the same doors, into the same room, a nurse asked a few questions, and the anesthesiologist introduced herself.  The child life specialist, Lindsey, automatically knows to bring Ashtyn an iPad to play Disneyland Explorer while waiting.  Once in the OR, Ashtyn laid on her right side and a mask with the watermelon smell was placed over her face.  “Mom, I need you in front of me.”  I held her hand and squatted down so my face was right in front of her face while the anesthesiologist put Propofol into her IV.  She asked, “Are you putting it in?  How long until I fall asleep?”  Before I could answer, she was asleep.  After the procedure Ashtyn was taken next door where I was invited to come in and watch her as she slowly woke up.  I offered her a slushy.  “What flavor do you want? Raspberry lemonade or Root-beer?”  Even in her drowsy state she knew, “Raspberry lemonade.”  She has had the root-beer slushy numerous times, she must have wanted to try something different.  She can’t eat 12 hours before anesthesia so as always she woke up hungry and wanted chips.  After eating a bag of chips she was ready to head back to her room.  We totally have it down to a science.

Once she got back to her room she was exhausted for the rest of the day.  She didn’t seem to feel well and started having frequent restroom visits.  Within five hours her vigilant nurse decided to test her for C-Diff.  The results came back positive.  Her blood work from the night before came back as well showing high liver enzymes.  Whenever anything unusual happens, Ashtyn’s lack of medical understanding causes her to think the worst.  Several weeks ago when she heard she had pneumonia, her first thought was that she was going to die because her over 90 year old great grandpa died of pneumonia.  When she heard her liver was struggling, her first question was, “am I going to have to have a liver transplant?”

With the news of her intestinal bacteria infection and her struggling liver, I asked people over Facebook if they would specifically pray that the effects from C-Diff would be minimal and that she would overcome it quickly.  I also asked if people would pray that her liver would recover and be able to do what it needs to do.

The next day, Tuesday, I knew from the moment Ashtyn woke up that she was feeling better.  The entire day she had absolutely no signs or symptoms of C-Diff.  She didn’t experience stomach pain or intestinal difficulties at all.  The doctor also informed us that her liver enzymes had come down significantly to almost a normal level.  Of course Ashtyn’s C-Diff, liver, and her overall day was better because of prayer.  We both know that with prayers she will be blessed.  Each day there have been tender mercies from prayers being answered.  Our burdens have been lightened daily because of the prayers of others.



7 responses to “Prayer is Part of Our Routine”

  1. So touched to read this latest experience. Continued prayers for Ashtyn and your whole family from the Affleck clan!

  2. I am sooo glad that your C-Diff and Liver problems have all gone away because of all the prayers and support! All your classmates want to Skype you sometime. We hope that one day you will feel up to doing that. But I totally understand if you don’t. It would be hard seeing all your friends on Skype and wishing you were there in the crowd of people saying to get well soon. I check your blog everyday and there has not been one day where you have given up! I am shocked to see what you can put up with! You are an amazing and strong girl! I will keep on praying and fasting for you! I love and miss you! Get well soon!

  3. Ashtyn, I am so glad you are feeling better! I believe that it isn’t just the prayers (although their power is great), but it is your inner strength and courage that will truly triumph! You will be happy, you will be sad, you will be scared and probably mad…but no matter what you are feeling, remember that you will come out of this a stronger young lady than when you started!

    Suzanne, thank you so much for writing this blog.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these experiences with us. It is so faith promoting to follow Ashtyn’s progress, and of course, it allows us to what to pray for to help her. Thank you!

  5. C-Diff be gone! and it went! Thanks be to Jesus, another miracle! The Lord hears
    all the prayers of Ashtyns’Army. Be strong, Ashtyn and Suzanne, your Faith is spreading as
    evidenced by Ashton’s map! Thank you for strengthening our Faith and bringing others who
    have drifted away, back. God Bless you Both and your families.

    Richard & Carolyn

  6. I have been reading your posts and want you to know not only are we praying for you but we here or grandchildren praying, some everyday. I also know these prayers really do help and our love for all of you is great.
    Love your great uncle David

  7. I am continuing to pray for the easiest journey for you Ashtyn. You are a strong girl and you will be able to go through this. Keep fighting!