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  • beautiful Ashtyn

    My good friend, Lisa Harbertson Photography, took these photos of Ashtyn soon after we were released from the hospital following her bone marrow transplant. We knew Ashtyn’s hair would grow back and we wanted to capture her as she was at that moment. I am so grateful for these photos of my brave girl. If you […]

  • 100 Days Post Bone Marrow Transplant

    It has been 100 days since Ashtyn received her bone marrow transplant. She has been home from the hospital for 69 days. From the time Ashtyn got home, recovery has been slow and steady – always improving. From a day-by-day perspective, her progress seems almost nonexistent. It would be easy to let the days go […]

  • Hope for Presley

    It has been 53 days since Ashtyn’s bone marrow transplant. She has been home from the hospital for 22 days. I plan on having a post up by Monday morning giving you an update on her. I will let you know details on how she is doing and what she’s been up to. Overall she […]

  • Ashtyn’s Army: Helping Families One At A Time

    Ashtyn has been home from the hospital for six days and is doing remarkably well. It is interesting how perspectives change once you go through an unknown. When I say she is looking so good and doing great, I have to smile thinking back a year ago and wondering what I would have thought then. […]

  • Ashtyn Beat Cancer

    Thursday, July 11th, Ashtyn woke up knowing she was going home. In days past she hadn’t felt well enough to be in a hurry to go home. However, by Wednesday she was climbing the walls and didn’t want to be in the hospital another moment. She woke up at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning, “I […]

  • We’re Going To Miss Them

    Ashtyn is going home today. She has come so far in five and a half months. I just shake my head at the miraculous course she has had. It is clear to me God’s hand has been in every detail of her life. I have no doubt the power that heavenly and earthly angels have […]

  • DAY 22: Ashtyn sleeps a lot so I think a lot.

    It is Post Transplant Day 22! It has been 13 days since I last wrote a blog post. What has been going on? On one hand, very little changes have occurred. On the other hand, so many blessings have been manifested and personal lessons have been learned. Ashtyn has been in the hospital for the […]

  • Day 9: We Are Never Alone

    I have always been honest with my feelings in this blog. I’ve also focused most of the posts on Ashtyn and my observations of what she is going through and my feelings about it. Today I want to share a personal experience of things I am learning about life as I spend hour upon hour […]

  • Day Five

    Though the days go by fairly quickly for me, time seems to be going slowly. I feel it should be Day 10 due to anticipation but it is only the end of Day 5. Ashtyn woke up with more mouth and throat pain than the day before. They increased her continuous morphine from .6 mg […]

  • Day 3 and 4 Is Behind Us

    Ashtyn is stable and enduring well. Each and every night I sleep at the hospital. Ashtyn and I both like it that way. The nurses give one medication or another at least every few hours both day and night. Ashtyn’s blood pressure and temperature is taken every four hours. Blood is drawn from her Broviac […]