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beautiful Ashtyn


My good friend, Lisa Harbertson Photography, took these photos of Ashtyn soon after we were released from the hospital following her bone marrow transplant. We knew Ashtyn’s hair would grow back and we wanted to capture her as she was at that moment. I am so grateful for these photos of my brave girl. If you like these photos of my sweet girl, go to Lisa Read More →



On February 1st, two days after Ashtyn was hospitalized, I received a message from Brady, whose daughter Millie was on the same floor. “Suzanne, I’m very sorry to hear about Ashtyn. While I’m no expert, we’ve been dealing with this now for over three years, so I can give some advice on how to deal with it as a parent. Millie was only four when Read More →

Are We Really Strangers?

Since Ashtyn was diagnosed with cancer at the end of January, we have received many messages on the website and Facebook  Many times we have heard phrases such as, “I don’t know you.” “We have never met.” “I just came across your blog.” “You don’t remember me Ashtyn, but I knew you when you were young.” “Although I haven’t seen you in years Suzanne, I want Read More →

24 Hour Focus

IV Pole

I couldn’t say it better than Shelley.  “I can’t wait to dedicate our family’s fast for Ashtyn this Sunday so that her white blood cell count will go up and that she can go and spend time with her family, and that her rash and sores in her mouth heal quickly. I have never been so excited to look forward to a day of fasting. Read More →

Ribbon Tying to Show Support


Today I was woken up by a phone call from a reporter for Fox 13 News Utah.  From 11:45 am to 1 pm Canyonview Elementary School had plans to tie lime green ribbons around the school to show their support for Ashtyn.  The news channel was covering the story and the reporter wanted to interview me before heading to the school.  She hoped that Ashtyn Read More →

Ashtyn’s Army

Ms. Fricker, one of Ashtyn’s teachers at Canyonview Elementary school, commented “Know the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child?’  Well, it takes an army to kick cancer’s butt out of that village.  Help show Ashtyn she has an amazing army behind her. She is a tough little girl and is fighting one heck of a battle.”  She is completely right.  Ashtyn is Read More →

This Kind Can Come Forth By Nothing, But By Prayer and Fasting

Uncle Casey visits Ashtyn

My last post was written two nights ago.  Ashtyn’s health had been getting progressively worse with each day.  By Tuesday night she was on the verge of having high risk surgery to remove her appendix.  Diarrhea and vomiting seemed to be occurring every couple of hours.  She had lower lobe pneumonia with an increased respiratory rate and oxygen needs.  The color of her extremities didn’t look good.  Even though she was Read More →

Relying On What I Know

Ashtyn Getting A Second CAT Scan

Ashtyn has had a temperature for over six days which is concerning the doctors. Each lab work that has been done continues to show no signs of infection. At noon she had a CT scan to discover whether or no Read More →

The Routine

Ashtyn at late night

I suppose Ashtyn and I are getting into a routine, though it is an unpredictable, unplanned routine that we take minute by minute. Nausea and pain is constantly on our minds.  “Where’s the barf bag?” is a question she commonly asks.  It’s like her security blanket, whether she is going to throw up into it or not.  When Ashtyn does throw up she likes me Read More →

Stay Positive

Ashtyn Going To PICU

Saturday night… I mean Sunday morning I went to bed at 6 am, after a busy night helping Ashtyn.  At 7:00 am I woke up to about 10 different medical staff surrounding Ashtyn’s bed moving very quickly.  I could sense there was worry in the air.  As I watched the organized commotion, I gathered that her blood pressure was low and they were doing all Read More →

Ashtyn Poulsen was diagnosed with undifferentiated leukemia on January 30th 2013. She spent 70 days in the hospital during her first two rounds of chemotherapy treatment. During the third round of chemo, she was able to spend 1 1/2 months at home. June and July, Ashtyn will be in the hospital facing and fighting the Goliath called a bone marrow transplant. Ashtyn has been greatly blessed during her war with cancer. The prayers and love received by all those who support her have brought strength, peace, comfort, and miracles. Thank you for going through this journey with us.